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How Did RayneDazzle Come About

I am a mother, One whose childs life have been changed, but promises that I won't give up. #cancersucks

On March 27, 2013 my fiancé and I was told that our soon to be 7-month old daughter Rayne was diagnosed with a brain tumor that covered the entire top portion of her brain and fingered its way down both sides of the brain. Rayne would need to have an emergency surgery to have it removed. Overwhelmed with this news, struck with emotions and fears about what the future would bring, we turned to God for guidance and strength. After the discovery of the brain tumor, we soon came to learn that it was cancerous and very aggressive. We found out that Rayne had been battling with this tumor since birth, and she showed no signs of any developmental problems and was hitting each milestone as a normal baby would.

The surgery itself was very risky and could possibly affect every aspect of her motor skills if not performed properly. Rayne’s neurosurgeon was very successful in removing most of the right side, but had to stop since she was losing so much blood. Rayne went on to have a second surgery to remove the left side and the remaining of the right side. Unfortunately, they were unable to completely remove her tumor. Now the plan is to have Rayne receive another surgery and further treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. She will be amongst the best team of neurosurgeons to set forth on her journey of recovery and start of chemotherapy.

*UPDATE: Since arriving at St. Jude Rayne has made some remarkable progress. Follow her story on Facebook FOLLOW RAYNE'S JOURNEY